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Ladies who brunch

What could be better than a hot Saturday in August with waffles, fry-ups, saltfish and dumpling and eggs any which way? A Micah Women Connect online brunch, of course!

Micah Women's online breakfastWith more than 35 women in attendance on 8 August, our first online event couldn’t have gone better!

We started at 11am with brunch and the women out-did themselves with cereal, eggs, muffins, salmon, saltfish and dumpling, and even a roast chicken. Congratulations to our competition winners Michelle Ogongo and Jenny Brown (see photos below for a sampling), who both won Amazon gift cards for best presentation and most nutritious brunch!

Special guest speaker Rev Jacqueline Peart, CEO and founder of JPIM International Wholeness Centre, skilfully led us on a journey through our theme, Recalibrate. Refocus. Reset.
She kept it real, stressing the importance of first acknowledging the trauma we've experienced over the past four months. Relationship challenges, economy slumps, bereavement, domestic violence are bound to affect us mentally, physically and emotionally.

The problem comes when we get stuck there.

Prophetic truths

Jacqueline unpacked some prophetic insights from the meaning of recalibration to change the way we think about something. We need something steadfast and sure to recalibrate to, the Word of God. If we don’t know what the right measurement should be, we will revert to a faulty calibration. God’s word always reminds us that, no matter where we are there is more for us.

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Recalibration is necessary because the results and accuracy tend to drift over time. When we don’t stay connected to God, life happens and we’re still going to church and reading our Bible, but we don’t realise we’ve drifted.

Just as airflow, water flow and thermometers are recalibrated, we need the oil of the Holy Spirit and the water of the Word to flow in our lives. Then we find that God’s always been here, it’s we who’ve started to drift.

What we need to recalibrate

Speaking from Isaiah 60:1-5 , Rev Jacqueline highlighted five things that we need to arise from to recalibrate:
  1. Depression is one of the things we need to arise from (v1). Some of us have felt the low moods, depression, stress, maybe even thoughts of suicide. But God is here to recalibrate us to the position we’ve always been in with Him.
  2. Prostration - to be drained, exhausted, powerless, at a low level (v1). It’s levels that get recalibrated. We need to arise up from where we are.
  3. Circumstances - arise out of our circumstances that have kept you down, that COVID has brought to the surface (v1).
  4. Vision - 'Look around you and see' (v4). When you know what your vision is, even when everything is kicking off you stay focussed.
  5. Who we are - ‘His glory shall be seen on you’ (v2). We’re not our roles or jobs. Our identity is in Christ. We need to recalibrate by saying, I am the daughter of the King; I am the head and not the tail etc

Strategies for recalibration

We discussed some practical strategies to help us recalibrate. Some of these included:
  • Start with an MOT to have a clear vision and write it down
  • Don’t dwell on the past
  • Actively read and meditate on the Bible
  • Eat healthily and exercise
  • Pray and be in God’s presence
  • Make a decision to make a decision to recalibrate
  • Recalibrate intimacy – Lean into your learning style and love language to help you
  • Get help if you need it
  • Have an accountability partner to help you stay on track
  • Get a health check. Low moods or tiredness may be physical.
We came away energised and inspired to take action to rise up to our potential as women of God.

Find out more about our next online event on the Micah Women Connect page.

To find out more about where you can get help for depression or anxiety see our Mental health resources page.

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