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Live at the Heartbeat Centre


Sunday 25 July 2021 will go down in our books as a huge milestone in the history of Micah Church.


It marks the day when we held our first live service ... in the heart of Camberwell. It is also the date that two congregations came together to become one new body: Micah Church at the Heartbeat Centre.

Around 145 people gathered to celebrate how far God has brought us since we began this journey several months ago. After much prayer, petition and perspiration, it was amazing to see the day finally arrive. We gave God thanks and praise for what He is doing in this new season of transition.

David (centre) and Pastor Doreen (left) Wade, and Pastor Shirley (right) shared their testimonies about how God has led them to this point. There was a moving passing on of the baton from David to his brother Denis and Lorna, as he explained how the Lord showed him that He was about to do something new.

L to R: Doreen, David Wade, Shirley

Pastor Denis shared the God-given mission of the church, which comes from our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus. 'We are determined to raise up a church, and to raise up leaders, and to raise up an army that loves Jesus passionately, and that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ passionately,' he declared.

One thing is clear as we move forward: God is doing a new thing. It's not about who we are and where we've come from. It's about what God is doing in and through us individually and collectively now.

IMG 0053Pastor Ray Djan (pictured right), missionary, teacher, leadership mentor and co-founder of Grace City Bible School, compared the service to a marriage celebration. So much effort is put into that special day, but it's the day after that the real work begins. And for the marriage to work, we need to 'forget the former things' and commit to the new thing that God is doing, in humility and love - just as Jesus did when He came to be born, to die and redeem the world (Isaiah 43:18,19). He went on to say that we must become 'new wineskins' that don't burst, but are soft and responsive to the Holy Spirit's leading (Matthew 9:14-17).

For a flavour of our inaugural service in images, click the link below to watch the video:

Micah and Heartbeat United

We're excited about the new thing that God is doing in Micah at the Heartbeat Centre, and we'd love you to join us as we move forward with the confidence that Jesus goes ahead of us.

Are you ready for what God is doing at Micah? Join us on Sundays at 11.00am at

The Heartbeat Centre
3-15 Brisbane St


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