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The power to change your story 

Micah Women Connect’s new series on the book of Ruth, led by Pastor Lorna, was launched in March to give women the opportunity to connect, share and learn from this uniquely female Bible narrative

The names of women don’t immediately come to mind when considering the biblical heroes of the faith. We usually think of the likes of Moses, David, Peter, and Paul.
Many women today might dismiss the Bible for this, saying it is perpetuating a male-dominant misogynistic view that’s irrelevant for us as women today.
But in fact, the Bible affirms the dignity and value of women. And if we look a bit closer we’ll find many ‘sheroes’ of the faith who have influenced change, led battles, demonstrated great courage, and changed their worlds.
Micah Women Connect’s first Bible series on the book of Ruth has shown how women can draw so many lessons for their own lives from this woman in ancient times. The overarching theme of the series, The power to change your story, speaks so clearly to our identity as women, our power to choose and our relationships today. Stories are powerful, and the most powerful stories are the ones we tell ourselves.
Led by Pastor Lorna, the interactive sessions are designed to bring women together to connect over themed sessions and to bring deeper insight into the lessons to be learned from the characters and inspire further study.
‘I think the way we’ve set it out, looking at different themes such as identity and belonging, relationships and sisterhood, has been really beautiful,' says Giorgia, a Micah Women Connect committee member. 'It has been so profound, for me, that we've come together as women to look at our own experiences and relationships.’
The women kept it real, sharing the struggles they face around belonging, and the challenges of living in the pain of the now while waiting for the not yet.
Here are a few of the insights from one of the sessions:

  • Be honest with yourself. Look in the mirror and say, ‘This is what I want to change’.
  • Sometimes it takes forgiveness for you to allow yourself to change, and your character to be changed and renewed in Him every day.
  • We need people to speak life into us and to take that on. It’s about being humble enough to say, ‘Yeah, I do need people around me’.
  • It’s not about where we started, it’s about where we finish.
  • There needs to be a willingness to want to change before the change happens, and if the willingness is deep in your heart God will help you to change.
  • Sometimes we want to close ourselves off to hope because it’s easier not to hope.
  • We have the benefit of hindsight when looking at Ruth's story, but she made a choice that didn't look hopeful at the time. Our stories aren't finished yet.

‘The response we’ve received from the women has been so humbling and beautiful,’ says Giorgia. ‘It shows that there is a need for women – and especially for younger women - to come together and fellowship and study the women in the Bible, led by a woman.’
One participant, Nana, echoes this. ‘These sessions of The power to change your story have been exceptional! It’s been a beautiful time where we immerse ourselves in God’s Word and look at the key role Ruth, as well as other women, have played in the Bible.
‘Fellowshipping with other women has been empowering, and collectively we have shared our individual stories and experiences, which has been uplifting. My spirit has been encouraged and I look forward to the remaining sessions.’

The series continues on 8 and 15 April. If you’d like to come along, we’d love to see you there. Reserve your free seat for the next one here

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