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Why Bible school?


In August we celebrated with the Micah members who passed their 2019/20 year at Grace City Bible School with flying colours.  We ask some of them what it's meant to them


Bible school (2)When you think about the rhythms of the Christian life, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Prayer? Meditation? Reading the Bible? Going to church? Service?

Attending Bible school for the purpose of focused study probably doesn't come high up on the list. That's reserved for those who want to be full-time pastors or missionaries, right?

Not necessarily.

The nine Micah members who completed the 2019/20 year of Grace City Bible School come from a range of backgrounds, from pastors to school teachers, to NHS and events managers and freelance writers. What attracted many of them to Grace City Bible School's three-year course was its focus on equipping students to study and understand God's word, to know and walk in the Lord's will, and to apply the truth practically to their daily lives.

We asked some of them what the benefits of Bible school have been for them.

"For me, Bible school provides a framework and structure that encourages diligence and discipline in studying God's word. The greater purpose is to obtain a transformed mind and heart that knows God intimately and not just head knowledge. If you’re looking to further your bible knowledge and deepen your walk with Christ, I highly recommend Grace City Bible School to you."

- Pastor Lorna, Year 3

"Many years ago I asked God to show me how He changes a heart. I knew that I was speaking of my own. I recognised that a lot of what I knew about God was in my head, and I'd had more than my fill of it. Over the years He began to work in me, but through GCBS He moved it from my head into my heart. That's worth more than gold to me!"

- Joanne, Year 1

"Bible school has opened up an increased appetite for the word of God. The Bible says that the man of God should be complete and thoroughly equipped for every good work. The Bible School has begun that process for me."

- Khareem, Year 2

"I feel that we’re being mentored. It comes out very clearly in our 1:1 sessions. They really want to develop you and they bring you into the presence of God. I’ve developed a love for the word and a love for God’s people because I’ve experienced that love myself.

I think if you’re going do this, you’ve got to start with a desire. We’re asked to study to show ourselves approved. If we absorb that as a Christian we should always ask for a desire for His word, and I think God will take it from there."

- Milton, Year 2

It's definitely a commitment to attend Grace City Bible School. You do need to set aside time from your busy schedules to devote to study, especially if you're juggling a busy job, family life and other responsibilities. But if you have the desire to deepen your relationship with God, or mature in your walk with Christ it's definitely worth counting the cost.

For more information on Grace City Bible School visit the website. If you're considering the commitment to the first year (or even the first term), the cost is £180 per term. To find out more about the course and how to register for the next intake at the end of September download the brochure (pdf).

Planning your Visit