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George Floyd. Race. Justice. God's Agenda. Resources 

On 9 June 2020 we held a Q&A session with Micah leaders in response to the murder of George Floyd. On this page we've collected some resources to help inform a Biblical response to racial injustice.

The Bible speaks of God’s justice, intertwined with His amazing love and mercy. The Biblical concept of justice runs much deeper than either punishment for a crime or holding power to account. It goes right to the heart of God and his design for the world. One Psalm says, “The LORD reigns, let the earth be glad …righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne” (Psalm 97:1-2). In other words, justice is absolutely fundamental to the very nature of God, and when justice is abused the whole creation will suffer. 

God's ultimate answer to injustice was sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to be born, to live and to die on the cross for the sin of mankind. The triumph over injustice was Jesus' resurrection.

For Micah's response check out our Micah Life blog post. 


Black history

Africology, The study of Africa by Khareem Jamal
Micah member Khareem Jamal teaches African history and heritage.
Visit the Facebook page.

The Guardian timeline of black history
A great digital resource charting two millennia of world-shaping individuals and momentous events that define black history.
Click here to see the timeline of black history


Listen and watch

Uh, no... justice, please!
Listen to a stonking message (7 July 2019) from Tunde, one of our leaders, on Acts 16. He asks if God really cares about injustice and what we can learn from the way Paul handled it, drawing on examples of racial injustice.
Click here to listen to the message on Soundcloud. 

Racism and injustice: a conversation on racism and injustice
Pastor Denis Wade chats with Julian Melfi, Pastor of Citygate Church in Beckenham.
Click here to watch the conversation.

David Oyelowo and Rev Dr Drew Sams at Bel Air Church
The British actor best known for his portrayal of Rev Dr Martin Luther King in Selma speaks about his struggle as a black man and as a follower of Jesus.
Click here to view the conversation

The third option: hope for a racially divided nation
The first in a four-part series from Miles McPherson, founder of The Rock Church, exploring racism and whether there is hope and healing for a racially divided nation (US), based on his book (see below). 
Click here to view part 1

Race vs religion: uncomfortable conversations with a black man Ep 7
Emmanuel Acho speaks with Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong Church in New York about the white Christian response in America. There are also other episodes on topics, such as inter-racial relationships, white parents raising black children, reverse racism, and more.
View the conversation between Emmanuel Acho and Carl Lentz

White fragility
Dr Robin DiAngelo discusses white fragility in America
View the discussion on white fragility

White rage: the unspoken truth of our nation's divide
Carol Anderson, Charles Howard Candler Professor and Chair of African American Studies gives a lecture, 2018 on the subtle corrosion of white rage.
View the lecture on white rage

Read, study and tools

The third option: hope for a racially divided nation
Reverend Miles McPherson, founder of The Rock Church, challenges us to fully embrace God’s creativity and beauty, as expressed in the diversity of His people. By following the steps and praying the prayers outlined in his book, Pastor Miles teaches us how we can all become leaders in unifying our communities, our churches, and the nation. There is also a 4-week course based on the book that could be used in a Neighbourhood Group setting.

10-step roadmap towards racial diversity and unity
Developed by a group of church leaders of different denominations as a response to racial injustice in the church, this is a simple but profound 10-step roadmap to help navigate the necessary actions needed for better diversity and unity within the church. 


Lewisham Local
A community support organisation for community groups and individuals wanting to create change in Lewisham. Access resources, funding information, support etc.

An inspirational mentoring organisation and alternative educational provision that provides aspirational support for young people, schools and parents through 1:1 mentoring and group conversation-based learning.

Operation Black Vote
An organisation that works to ensure greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK through voter registration, lobbying politicians, mentoring schemes and political leadership programmes.

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
A Lewisham-based charity that works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 13 to 30 to succeed in their career of choice. They also support community groups and young people to develop new skills.

Urban Synergy
A charity that runs a mentoring programme to provide role models for young people in Lewisham.

A Christian youth charity working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across nine inner-city boroughs of London, through mentoring, education, sport and the arts.

Please note: We know that the list above includes non-Christian organisations that may not share our values, but we've included them here because we agree with their aims of supporting and effecting change for vulnerable people.


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