Women of Excellence Leaders


    Sylvia Parkes

    I have been a member of Micah for approximately 12 years.  After successfully leading a small group for a few years now I realised that I was capable of offering much more to the vision of the church.


    My hope for Micah Women of Excellence is that it will provide encouragement to women as they strive to seek and to know God more and more. I pray that the ministry will create an atmosphere of fellowship, fun and laughter, where women will feel open to share and to encourage one another and where they will be inspired, “equipped and empowered” to recognise His plans and purpose for their lives.  I feel so very blessed and honoured to be a part of it.




    Josephine Louison (Josie)

    I became a member of the Micah family in September 1999 because I won a prize in a competition at a Sunday Night Live event. I loved the worship, the people and the pastors were the same age as me. I was tired of looking for a church, but most of all I believed God placed me there.


    In that time I’ve experienced great changes in my life, as well as ups and downs.

    Until recently I was Team Leader of the Hospitality team for many years, which suited me well as I enjoy working and serving people. I have been running a small group for six years from my home which has been a benefit for many people.  I became part of the Ministry Leadership team in November 2008.



    My purpose in women’s ministry is to bring women together in unity and fellowship, for the love of Jesus and a good social!



    Picture3Sonia Flinch


    I am excited and count myself privileged to be a part of Micah Christian Ministries, serving under the ministry of Pastor Denis and Pastor Lorna.  I started attending Micah in September 2000 after the tragic death of my step father.

    Currently, I am the Team Leader for the Catering department, and an active team member of the Laptop Projector team.  Last year I was approached by Sylvia to be part of the Micah Women of Excellence Team.  My first thought was, I am not a people person. To be honest I was a little apprehensive, but today I'm so glad that I accepted the challenge to be part of the team.

    Micah Women of Excellence is here to support women on their journey to live a fun, fulfilled Christian life. My desire is that this ministry will challenge women to raise the bar on their personal standards and values. Each event will encourage and inspire women to make a change and, hopefully, move them closer to the life they so desire. In line with our pastors, we will offer entertainment, inspiration, motivation and advice that will empower you or help you embrace your moral values and the virtues that make you a woman after God's own heart.



    Jean Brown

    I am married with four children. I have been a stewardess at Micah for the past six years. For me, being part of Micah Women of Excellence empowers me. As women we need one another. We need to be sharing with, supporting, strengthening and encouraging one another. No wo-man is an island!!




    Sheron George
    I have been attending Micah Christian Ministries for nine years now. I am part of the PA team and Children’s Church ministry, which I love doing. 

    I enjoy being part of a small group at Micah, and attending these small group meetings has inspired me and has given me the desire to start helping out where I can. And so here I am, one of the leaders of Women of Excellence ... and loving it!