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    The aim of all of our events is to create a wide open space for women to gather, share, laugh and encourage one another to experience the greater joy of who we're meant to be. You are warmly invited to our next event ...

    Film night

    Saturday 21st March 2015

    Our ever-popular Film Night continues the theme of Love and Relationships from February.  We'll be screening a film that's bound to get the discussion going!
    We'll look at love and relationships from an angle not yet explored in this year's Love and Relationships Summit. So, come prepared for popcorn and light refreshments, with your cushion and onesie. 

    Reserve your place online using the form below, or by ringing the office on 020 8297 5287. Please bring payment to the office or on Sunday to the cake table.

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    Past Events

    Why Not Me? Why Not Now?

    MWE Conference 2014

    Our very first conference on 25 October 2014 issued a call to women present to step into their destiny and take our rightful place as women of God. Around 40 women attended the half-day event, hosted by Pastor Lorna Wade. It featured three challenging messages from our speakers, a buffet lunch and a panel discussion.

    LubaLuba Blay-Miezah opened the afternoon with her talk, entitled Will the real you please stand up? Taking inspiration from the life of Joseph in Genesis 37, she drew on her own experiences to deliver a candid message about how stepping out into our destiny always involves pain and a 'pit' and a 'palace'. She challenged us to ask ourselves searching questions, including:
    Who are you?
    Where have you come from?
    How much are you worth?
    What does God think of you?

    Margaret Pierre's talk, You are the solution, gaves us more to think about, as she asked us to put some tough questions to one another in pairs:

    Picture4-web1. What sort of person are you?
    2. Describe three aspects of your character that you're proud of.
    3.Describe three aspects of your character that God is proud of.
    4. What do you wish you had done in the last four years?
    5. What single longing is currently outstanding that you believe is achievable and worth sacrificing for?

    Fresia Campbell summed up perfectly with her talk, Slavery to promise, inspired by the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. She drew parallels to our journeys as women, and how we need to identify what's stopping us from achieving our goals and purpose. We may be in Egypt, which represented bondage in terms of our identity or mindset, or in the wilderness, which is a training ground and a place of pain but of growth, and the promised land or the time of opportunity.

    Thanks to all who attended and made our first conference an inspiring and thought-provoking event! We'll keep you posted about the next one!

    Faith, Fellowship and Cupcakes

    At our first event of 2013 in May, 35 women came together to do just that in a relaxed, open environment. The theme of the event was 'faith', and what it takes to live out our lives  in faith - even when we face challenges. As we opened the floor for women to share their own faith journeys the testimonies were real, honest and inspiring.


    Faith, Fellowship and CupcakesCupcakes also featured in the event, with the chance to decorate them and - of course - eat them!

    Here's what some of the women said about the event:

    "Really enjoyed the fellowship, ice breakers, testimonies and cupcake contest!"
    "It was smashing! Brilliant age range and food. Lovely atmosphere."
    "It was good to be in the presence of wonderful sisters in faith!"
    "I have had a realisation that I have some past scars that I need closure and healing from, and that giving it to God is the best way."