Our values

Love for God
Everything we do and say comes from our desire to please God and do His will with passion, integrity and commitment.

Love for people
People are the crown of God’s creation. Micah exists to actively demonstrate the love of God and honour people of all ages and from all walks of life and ethnicity.

Church members are equipped, nurtured and trained in an encouraging and progressive environment to maximise their full potential.

We are all committed to the church family and run with the vision of Micah.

The tangible outworking of love is to give. We live our lives with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, which is reflected in our generosity towards the church and others.

Every person is encouraged to serve in the church and the community with their unique talents and abilities. No matter how young or old we may be, we all have an important part to play.

We strive to do everything, in both the church and community, with excellence, demonstrating the character and nature of God.

Jesus declared the church to be a city on a hill – the light of our community. We take an active part in building the local church and contributing to the wider community by applying the principles and wisdom of God.

By sharing our faith we promote the gospel and encourage people to say ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ by example, relationship and relevant invitation.

Micah is a growing group of people with a commitment to God and each other. Gathering together regularly is of the highest priority in order to grow.